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  • Day Program: Master,4-year college.
  • Weekend Program: 2 year college, 2-year Junior college.
    • To comply with national economic growth and meet the future needs for electrical engineering industry, we aim to cultivate professional electrical engineers who are equipped with the electrical engineering design and manufactures by training students with basic theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering as well as applicable practical techniques. The research direction is oriented towards electrical control and green energy technology.
    • To teach according to students’ ability; to promote their interest in the learning

    • To emphasize practical training; to develop students’ hands-on ability.

    • To value students’ special projects; to strengthen their practical training.

    • To guide a technical ability examination; to carry out a technological and vocational education.

    • To set up employment courses, to increase an employment ability.
    In the future, we aim to train and nurture our students to:
    • Obtain relevant professional certificates so as to enhance employment prospects.

    • Be engaged in all kinds of projects and hence enhance their techniques as well as the ability to continue further research.

    • Be engaged in the Industry-Academic collaboration projects so that they may get employed right after graduation.



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