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  • Day Program: 4-year college, 2-year college, 5-year junior college
  • To possess the humanistic disposition and the willingness to do community service.
  • To develop the artistic taste and creative ability.
  • To be equipped with the creative ability to develop multi-media products.
  • To develop the ability of designing and manufacturing animation and related products.
  • To possess the ability of planning and designing the digital teaching media material and network service integration.
    Based on the characteristics of our students, faculty members, and the digital content industry, we focus on the animation arts to develop two axels: the creative animation design and the culture creative graphic/3D design.
  • Advanced education: Students can study abroad or in graduate schools of the related fields, such as industrial design graduate school, craft design graduate school, and applied design graduate school. Employment: Students can find jobs in the related fields of product design, such as product designers, ad designers, AUTOCAD engineers.
  • Employment: Students can find jobs or start a business in the related fields of culture creativity, such as ads, ad designs, fashion, game software, publication, software and computer service, and TV communication.

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