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  • Day Program: 4-year college.
  • Night Program: 4-year college.
  • Weekend Program: 2-year college, 2-year Junior college.
  • To incubate professional workers in Marketing Management and Logistic Industry.
  • To emphasize knowledge and techniques of distribution and to develop students' personal character.
  • To incubate store-running clerks, the reserved staffs in Logistics, and marketing planners.
  • To share students with the newest information in Marketing Management and Logistic Industry, with the teachers possessing practices and experiences.
  • Our department adopts a 'Sandwich-Course' teaching format emphasizing a combination of both practical and theoretical skills.
  • Student are allotted a personal tutor who can advise the student re various life situations and give guidance about practical training.
  • Our graduating students may participate in an overseas company tour in order to better understand business operations in similar professional fields.
  • Employment and career:
    1.Store-running clerks.
    2.Marketing planners.
    3.Reserved staffà store manager à district supervisor à start an enterprise à become a franchisee
  • 100% employment


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