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  • Day Program: 4-year, 2-year college and 5-year Junior college.
  • Night Program: 4-year, 2-year college, and 2-year Junior college.
  • Weekend Program: 2-year college and 2-year Junior college.
    To comply with the vision of “learning adequately and get employed happily” and to reach the goal of “ being the best partner of enterprises,” we aim to incubate the elementary-level and intermediate-level information management workers with morals and good character. In addition, we focus on the commercial application of RFID so that students can get employed as soon as they graduate from FIT.
  • Course curriculum and teaching materials are selected in accordance with both current academic trends and the availability of cooperation with the industrial sector. Students are highly encouraged to interact with teachers in the classroom, and trained to build and construct knowledge and skills for themselves.
  • Course design is based on business management knowledge and information technology, featuring the commercial application of RFID. Students are also encouraged to take advanced or practical courses according to personal interests.
  • Advanced education: the curriculum design also helps students to plan their advanced education; junior college students can apply for the four-year university program; and university graduates can study in the graduate schools here or go abroad for advanced education.
  • Employment: graduates can apply for jobs offered by enterprises of information technology, information management, and common management.


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