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  • Day Program: 4-year college
  • Night Program: 2-year Junior college.
  • Weekend Program: 2-year college ,2-year Junior college.
  • To develop advanced skills in hardware and software application development.
  • To develop professional skills in digital life technology, marching toward the digital, mobile and intelligent life.
  • To develop professional skills in mobile device application, specializing in the integration and application of system and mobile techniques.
  • Faculties: With professional experiences and licenses.
  • Courses: Covering computer hardware and software theory and practice, professional certificates, and second-specialty..
  • Contents: Hardware and software co-design, multimedia technology and applications, wireless and mobile technology and network communication.
  • Industry-Academic Collaboration: Lecturing with professionals and experiential learning.
  • Public Services: Being Campus Youth E-service Volunteers for the social services.
  • Internship: On-the-job training to develop professional skills so that to reach the goal of getting employed after graduation.
  • Further Education: Postgraduate studies in Taiwan and abroad.
  • Career Development: IT engineers in science parks.

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